Jacob the Unknown

Confused yet confidant Warrior, Quick, Agile, Mentally and Physically. Watch out.


Jacob is a Tallish Man, Light skin, with dark hair. He would have been good looking once,

But Scars, lining the sides of his body, his cheeks, his ears half destroyed, his hair burnt off, his hands and feet visibly scarred. He appears to have survived an immense fireball, protected only by a flat sword blocking the centre of his face.

His memory is gone, his skills and mind is damaged. Sometimes he reacts like a child.

He wears strange Hession pants, Faded Blue in colour, possibly an Army faction.

A common leather jacket, but worn open at the chest usually, with a linen shirt.

His boots appear to be Army Officer standard, and he carries a Long Metal Pole as a Weapon. Not as a sword, not as a staff, but a simple club, like a child or a mindless wandering fool.

but something is going on behind those eyes.

Jacob is a fighter, he’s been practicing, training himself, getting into bar brawls for fun, hired out as a mercenary when needed and for cash.. and worst case.. he works for XXX in her fathers bar..


Jacob the Unknown

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