Tertharms Flaming Sword

sword and Spell

weapon (melee)

The Blade is a Bastard Sword for Dwarven Hands (Two handed for humanoids) I:9, 1d12+1 + (2d12+3 Heat/Fire), (+5 Heat/Fire) 700/1000 sword, worth between 1,000 and 10,000 gold, dependant on buyer. Its currently lying in the .. wait.. thats the GM note

The spell cast upon the blade costs 300 Magic points or 30 permanent points, the Blade is created for 21 years, increases the Damage of the blade by 2d10+2 Fire + Heat Damage, drops 1 point in initiative, Becomes +2 initiative in the hands of anyone except the creator and does 1 point of damage of Heat per round after the 3rd round (the weilder can feel it heating up and hans a chance to drop it) It gains a -2 Damage and +200% Hit Points modification, typically such weapons are worth x20 price of original, A Detect Magic of at least 3rd level will ascertain the age of the spell (2d10 years) and will affect the price.


The Flaming sword spell has been created from the legendary sword of Tetharm (or Terthharm) the Dwarven Scholar.

He was trying to forge such a sword in his home smithy using the fire magics of his clan, but was unable. The flames and heat always melted the sword. Only by applying Earth elemental magics of protection could the sword be unharmed. Also Air Elements were needed it seemed to cool the handle so the user could wield the blade. But no wind was used.. During the process Tetharm discovered that there was multiple forms of magic required to create the runes required, opening a whole new form of Dwarven Runes and eventually led to the creation of new spells by magi who traded with the dwarves. ..

Battle Magic was born.

The Spell Thetharms Flaming Sword is one of the first Battle magic spells, It involves an impure form of heat/fire energy/water earth/protection and air/cooling. so remains a costly spells for anyone who learns it, some enterprising young mage might perfect it in the future…

Tertharms Flaming Sword

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