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The Dungeonworld system is my own personal system, I use a selection of ideas from Dragon Warriors, old Warhammer, Ars Magicka, I.C.E. White wolf and Echo Bazaar Refined and defined to be as clean and clear as possible for both new players and veterans.

Alot of my GMing was based on books I was reading at the time, Terry Pratchett, Robert Asprin style, fun & fantasy.

Version 0.1 was a re-hash of Dragon warriors with Warhammer experience system.

Version 0.2 included a set of classes, approx 19 of them.

Version 0.3 broke up the simplistic Dragon Warriors sets of Attack vs Defence and replaced it with seperate stats for Hand fighting vs Weapon fighting

Version 0.4 broke up the stealth system and added a ranged system,

Version 0.5 Added in Priest and Psionics, but since Psi is D&D, I used Pratchetts ‘Thaumaturgy’.

Version 0.6 Fleshed out the skills system into Skill sets, which later prompted Version 0.8

Version 0.7 was my last most consistent version which my friends in Australia played. It was more like ’ Advanced roleplay’ but became too bogged down with rules and problems. Some players may remember a 4 hour combat round.

Version 0.8 cleaned up the combat and the initiative system, Broke skills into sets based on class.

Version 0.9 is where I am Currently. I simply need to clean up the skills a bit more and allocate bonuses more discretely. Combat seems to work without skills but with skills (i.e. Mortal Combat style) is still a little time consuming. My spells lists are determined not by whats possible but by what schools have developed what.. this is more world building than rule building. Cleaning out some old concepts, putting back the simplicity, making the game run smoothly.. more talking, less rolling. more ideas less maths. Anti-munchkinisms.. etc.

I don;t want to PUBLISH the system here in Obsidian, but I might make reference to some rules from time to time, and want to have my rules seperate from my campaign world, hence the System Rules as a Seperate link set.

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