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If your honestly interested in running campaign using my rules, contact me, I’ll let you have a copy of the system in its infancy, maybe you’d contribute to the rules.. help make it into a real system…

Creating a Character

Character Creation can be done in one of Three ways

Simple Character Creation is as it says, the simplest way. Roll some dice, choose a background, choose a profession, write in your numbers and your ready to go.
Advanced Character Creation In sections, this opens up all possible steps of character creation as a set of rules. NPC’s can be made with this, though usually only important NPC’s or High level Boss monsters would be.

Roleplay Generation For the complex minded, One on One Player who wishes to truly understand how to create a characters background, so each and every skill has an understanding of how it happened. Did grandpa teach you to fish while you were a boy, did you encounter a gnome in the forest who enchanted you to learn magic easily, were you lost one summer and had to learn the streets to survive until your father eventually found you?

Skills and How they work

Skill Sets are grouped skills which rely on each other, players who take a certain profession will have access to this set of skills at any time, learning them further is up to the player

The System, The Dice and Roleplaying

The System itself, what dice are used and how.. This permiates the entire system. all rolls are made this way, skills, characteristics, everything. I worked on this set of maths and simplicity for years to perfect it.

Roleplaying vs Rollplaying
An Age old debate, but with the help from Echo Bazaar’s clever cards system and building scores, I devised a way to allow players who are good at roleplay to benefit, but players who are better suited to numbers to understand what to do.

Contacts and Goals
Another aspect I like to say makes my game unique, a Game system for maintaining contacts and information, and goal setting for heroes. Alot of this is based on Psychology and real life understanding on how to be successful in life.

Crafting, Magic, Gods and Thaumaturgy

In Essence each of these systems match Combat in its essence, but with some differences of course. Crafting, Magic, Gods and Thaumaturgy

Quick NPC Templates

In case you need quick NPC stats for everyday characters.

Town Guard
Captain of the Guard
Old man by the Fire

Main Page

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